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A 16 year old recounts events from her life from a hospital bed , after being in a car crash.

Her mind wonders back to her past, throughout her narrative she takes you to saddening moments she witnessed .

Her visions include moments with male role models, starting a new school, fake friends , being bullied , her first love, domestic violence, becoming a teen mum , and other challenging events .

She suddenly wakes up remembering, she is bed bound in a hospital bed. She is overwhelmed that she is alive, but in a lonely room, her flash backs are haunting her .

Day and night she begins writing a new life plan changing around her flashbacks of what could have happened to what should have happened .
You then see how Rai pushes herself through physio , begging the universe that if she walks again, she promising to use her experiences to give back to the community .

After 6 months she begins her new life journey. Empowering young people around the world through different creative pursuits. This story is full of home truths , tears, insight and miracles .
Especially written as training material for adults, parents, careers, and those managing hard to reach teens. Perfect for young adults aged 15 +

I wrote this book to tell the full-circle story from one 16 yr olds perspective, in the hope it will inspire millions to kick-start their own success story.”
Continuing, “I’m so privileged to be able to spend my time travelling around the country speaking to groups, holding workshops and helping thousands of youngsters take the hard lessons they have learned from their past and turn them into a prosperous future.”

Rachel Aida Dinah

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The view from a young mind maturing overcoming past troubles, influences and progressing with young motherhood.
How the mind of a teen adapts to deal with situations within life.
An insight on family, Friendships and relationships.
Bullet points of mature thoughts.
Rebellions, strength, discipline, lesson learning and love with the outcome of knowledge and growth.
A brilliant read!

Olivia Allen

This book was amazing! I loved how it was laid out and how it guides the reader through realistic scenarios and explains how to best avoid such situations. I’m grateful that the author shared this with us. Definitely recommend for teens for future guidance and adults for clarity. 10/10

Rochelle Atkinson

This book is a must read, particularly for teenagers. The book covers several issues that young women face growing up and offers great guidance from a experienced perspective.

Ashley Banks

The Canary ; These snippets of information make the book almost a screenplay; flitting between short, sharp scenes and more drawn-out mono and ideologues, and ensemble sequences. And its Dinah’s structuring and the conversational, street language that makes The Mind Of A Teen extremely accessible.

Steve Topple



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